Why does my ex-girlfriend who broke it off with me like falling asleep on they phone with me?

We were together for 3 years. & she broke up with me because we had a lot of arguments. She stopped talking to me for a month (last month) and now we started talking actually on April 28 till now. She texts me everyday and we finally saw each other and it was as if we were still together. She holds me and shows affection. I'm so confused


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  • There are two options here:
    A: she is lonely and just wants your company like how it used to be in old times, but truly has no interest in actually going back with you (which is really selfish but girls do this quite a bit)
    B: She is thinking about coming back to you and is testing the waters to see if she should.
    I would ask her why she's acting this way and what her intentions are.

    • I love your opinions thank you :) she did make it clear that if she wanted to she would go with other girls already. But that she isn't choosing them. She also did mention while drunk. That she wants to see if I have truly changed. It made me happy to hear her say that. She is so reserved she doesn't let me in her thoughts at all. Very little.

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    • Oh and yes there has been a change! She just seems to be more protective on not getting her feelings hurt. I am very interested in getting back and working things out with her. I've came up with solutions to fixing our relationship flaws and she just listens carefully but doesn't respond.

    • I would just stop talking to her. If she's out having fun and ignoring facing the truth, then don't wait around for her. If anything I would tell her straight up you'll talk to her once she has a definite answer... and then keep your options open. Never close your horizons, open them!

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  • guess she's interested in u now... as u r interested in her as well? :-/

    • She told me she doesn't know what she feels for me anymore. But her actions show differnt. Like right now these days. She tells me everything she does. She tells me not to worry about her dating someone else because she isn't. And that if she did.. She would feel odd, since I'm going to be in her mind. I want to get back with her but she doesn't want anything right now. Yet she always mentions me in her future plans. :(

  • 21 year lesbian... interestinggggg...

    Umm maybe she is confused? Or still has feelings for you?

    • She says that the whole month we didn't talk she hated me. (It was her choice to not talk) but then she said when she saw me again she felt feelings for me again. & that now she doesn't know what's going on. It really sucks! I hate this whole situation.

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    • *how you feel

    • My mom says the same thing. Ugh! Meet she says im confusing like what I guess? She's the one who acts so eh with me. When I'm the one being straight forward with her I don't know.

  • She's bored and just wants to have someone to talk to. You come running to her everytime, so, she knows she can

    • She told me she could talk to other girls but that she isn't choosing to. We actually agreed to "talk" and see where that leads us again. Even when she is with her friends she is still texting me and I told her she can text me after but she says no that she wants to keep talking. I don't understand her.

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