Why does my ex boyfriend still contact me and talk to me if he said that he wants to do neither of them?

Long story cut short we broke up. He has a new girlfriend and he owes me money. We've spoken about the money he owes me and he said we dont have to talk for him to pay me back.
Whenever we spoke it was purely arguments.

So in the end it turned into wait for me to contact you thats when he'll pay me my money back. So i didn't contact him then from one day of no contact he sends me an email telling me he broke his phone and for me not to think he has changed his number or something and he's not ignoring me. And he will be getting a new number sooner or later.

Reasons i was confused because he has contiunally told me not to talk to him, he doesn't want to talk to me but he doesn't even listen to what he wants.

What exactly is going on in his head lol


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  • guess he wants u back actually... but he refuses 2 admit it basically ^_^


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  • Probably has a phone & a new girlfriend & doesn't want you to have the # so she doesn't know. That's what it sounds like to me!


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  • He is simply tryingg to keep you calm while he figures out a way to pay you back

  • Simple: because you allow him to.


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