How to pull yourself up from being treated as if you didn't exsist or was nothing to someone you loved?

In curious to know. I'm not being vain or think I'm anything special but when a man rubs a new woman who is twice my size in my face and both call me names am i entitled to be a little bitter about it? What gives these people the right to do this to someone, to treat someone as if they don't matter, slander them and make them feel inferior? I've nothing to hit them back with because I'm not like that in general I don't know her to do that anyway but she knows everything about me, and I mean everything.
It is hard to look in the mirror and see myself worthy of anyone's time.. I don't tell anyone how I feel or those thoughts. I'm just angry that I allow these people to put me down so much that I hate myself.

Will something good ever come my way to change my perspective about myself?


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  • The fact that your ex felt the need to bring this other women into your past conflict says more about him than it does about you. There seems to be a lot of insecurity, immaturity and low self esteem on that end. And if this other women agreed to join him in this conflict ( which was none of her business ) then at least you know what type of person he's getting involved with. I would be the bigger person.. Hold your head up high and don't give them the courtesy of even having a thought. I can see you're attractive, intelligent and sensitive. Those are all good traits that will be appreciated elsewhere..

    • My friends say I'm better than them, doesn't stop me feeling ashamed that I dared love him

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    • I live in hope he looks back in years to come and see the misery he caused me

    • I would simply avoid him. And if he comes around tell him to get lost.

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  • Your life can only be better without them. Forget the douchebag and fat lady and work on your self esteem.


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  • It just did. Lol... he's gone.

    Now you can work on yourself. Built a strong community around you. Accelerate your goals. 100% focused

    This is the foundation to part of a healthy relationship to begin with. It's starts with yourself

    • He won't stay gone though that's the point.. he's a control freak

    • I re read your entire post. I want to focus on you instead. My feeling is you've never really liked this guy to begin with. I think you like the idea of a guy /partner. I think , like most people, you have emotional and psychological needs that you seek through relationships. I need you to understand a lot of this is normal. You are normal. You are worth more than you think and realize you bring a lot to any relationship. But before you get into one, try to start building a better community around you. You need to get out and meet more quality people. it starts with you.

  • You need to convince yourself that this was merely their view on the world and it was not a universal truth.

    There are two things that affect your life. One is external factors, like the rain, the wind, other people's opinions, etc. The other is what you do yourself and what you allow to happen. External factors can be annoying, but they cannot define who you are.

  • Dont worry something great is already on its way, in the meanwhile, make some friends, new people in your life will give you a fresh prespective on yourself and that will help you get up on your feet
    plus getting back at them won't do you any good

  • Yes you have the right, but clearly he's a very small man. Be the bigger person. Be happy you don't have to deal with a little prick. Hold your head high and move on.


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