How to get over someone you are still in love with and can people fall back in love?

How do you get over someone you are still madly in love with?

My my now ex and I broke up over a month ago because he became unhappy he said. So he needed space and said maybe in the future things could change, but he isn't happy and it's too much work. A couple weeks later he hit me up and came over and we spoke and hung out and he said he missed me a lot and we agreed we would both talk and try to sre where it goes and if we can work it out... So we slept together. He came over a few days later and we had more tell about a future. Same thing happened... He even came over after work to help with some papers I had to do and joked with me about "his other girlfriends on the side" and said he loved me. Then after that he backed away and kinda stopped talking to me. Ignored me. We were supposed to hangout but I blew him off because the day before when I asked him to help me cause no else could cause my tire was going flat he refused to and said no cause he was going to go out with friends... So no he said. So I was upset and he didn't bother to ask me till late the next day what happened. So I told him I was upset two days later with him face to face. And hurt and standing there telling him you basically said we were trying to work things out but instead you ignore and then don't come when I need you. I was like do you even wanna be with me he said I don't know... Then he was really nice when I said bye and took out dog to the park... Then ignored me again. I hadn't heard from and I didn't contact him cause I was also trying to give some space. Well I asked and he told me he was talking to an old friend who was a girl who didn't live anywhere in the same state or close to our state... And I said so are we done then he said I don't know... So I stopped talking to him cause I was hurt and needed space... Well I found out I was pregnant, it's still very early and I told him he seemed chill about it. I saw him the next day and he was like I can't do this, I don't want thi
Add on: this. Not ready for a kid. And I said neither am I... And then he said he was just trying to and wanting to move on from me. I was hurt. He said he would come over the next day and grab his things I said he had at my place. I cried when he came over and he said nothing is going to change his mind it's past the point of him wanting to try... Then he said he still loves me though... I wrote him a later that he took with him and read. He texted me and said it was nice and it made him feel
Differently, but he wasn't going to change his mind and when j said why he said cause he just doesn't feel the same anymore...

So how do I get over someone I am still so in love with? I wanted to spend my life him. Saw him as my soulmate. Can he ever fall back in love with me? Is there ever hope in the future? Has anyone had this happen and later get back with someone who said they didn't feel the same anymore?


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  • He seems to be confused in what he really wants. Since you did tell him you're pregnant very shocked he's not freaking out about it at all. You need space and I know it hurts because I'm still in the same spot as you, still have feelings for my ex and I can say just hang with friends and keep a good positive outlook at things. Get your mind off things is one good thing if you can do that. If you both do share bills and what not its better if you ask him to do it asap because unless he's helping you with the pregnancy or anything it will get harder for you

    • He helps me with car insurance. I don't know he just kinda dismissed and said he didn't want to deal with it and when we get past the point of miscarriages in the beginning then he will. Deal with as it comes attitude... But he isn't helping as in doesn't ask how I am feeling that day. If I need anything to make me feel better. Nothing. It's like I don't exist and keeps me at a distance. I have asked to separate bills and stuff in storage five times and I get no where and some of the bills are in his name... We also have a dog together we share. Well two... But is mine cause I had her way before him and the other one is ours that we share.

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  • Out of sight, out of mind. I think for starters, stop seeing him, stop making any contact with him, remove him from social networks. That way, you won't be reminded of him, and he will slowly disappear from your thoughts. Secondly, go out, meet new people, pick up a new hobbie

    • What about the part that I told him and found out I was pregnant and still said that to me and doesn't ask me how I am feeling at all no updates nothing on it.

  • Just try the no contact rule and cut him out of your life.

    • I wish it was that simple, but like I am pregnant and we have a dog we share together that each of us take turn with... We have bills together that I have asked to separate and he doesn't want... Still won't spectate stuff in storage he says take whatever and I said I don't want to take something and you want it. So I rather just us decide and go in it and be like you get this and I take that... I deleted him out of my phone... I probably for a while will off Facebook.

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