Did she probably think I was cheating?

She ended it. But I didn't show her any compassion she said she knows I flirt with girls. She knew I went to a couple parties. I would tell her to go out more. I would blow up on her for stupid things. I accused her of cheating. She didn't admit she thought I was cheating but I'm thinking that was one of the reasons she left. she did accuse me of sending photos one time.
Noticed she got passive aggressive with me try and make me mad or herself sound sketchy sometimes too. Seemed like it was staged.


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  • Did you have ACTUAL facts that she cheated on you? Or was it your guilty conscience accusing her because that's what you were doing to her?

    • No facts she was just acting sketch

    • Either way it doesn't matter anymore. You guys broke up. Seems like you tried to push her away and she didn't really do anything to stop you from doing so.

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  • ya.. maybe.. but wait for a girls word.. dont take my word for it


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  • yes she think you cheat on her.. i know that feeling.. i understand her.. its not ACCUSING.. why do you men do stuff that make us girl SUSPECT..

    • I never did but looking back I can see why she might of thought that

    • you re lucky she is nice.. you have no idea when i get insane when i suspect and i go crazy lol i won't let men go easily when they do this -.- men oh well but men are cute so LOL..

      tbh whenever my boyfriend go parties i just HATE it but i just act i dont but -.-

    • Yep she acted like nothing bothered her until it built up enough.

  • She probably just got sick of your bullshit.

    • She had a lot of bullshit too.

    • Apparently you had more.

    • I had a lot of stressors. My dad dying of cancer. Going through military training. being long distance with her. I'm not just an asshole. Things went sour but I explained myself in the end.

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