I betrayed my boyfriend..now how do I get him back?

So I cheated on my boyfriend with a girl back in July told him about it 2 days later and he told me if I wanted him to stay with me I had to cut off all contact with the girl and I said OK. But I felt bad because we were close friends so I still called her and hung out with her twice that I didn't tell him about. Then a couple months ago he found her number still in my phone and we broke up for like a week but got back together because I had to tell her that I couldn't talk to her anymore and that was the last time I talked to her. Little did I know she was telling my boyfriend that she wasn't the bad guy (they work together) and that it was a mutual thing and that I was still seeing her but he never believed her because he loved me. Finally one day she just couldn't take the ridicule anymore I guess and she showed him proof, all of our text messages that she had saved for months to use against me.

My boyfriend left the end of last month and moved back in with his mom didn't give me an explanation to why he was leaving, and I had no idea what she had said to him when he left, I didn't think he could find out so I told him I did nothing wrong. I left him alone for 2 weeks missed him horribly, realized that she must have told him what I had kept from him and told him I was ready to be honest whenever he was ready to talk. He missed me so he starting staying the night a few nights and we didn't talk about things the 1st night just made love. The next time he stayed over we talked and I was right she told and showed him everything he was really hurt and we both cried I told him how sorry I was.

But he still wasn't sure of what to do, he said he wanted to be with me and he still loves me but wasn't sure what was right. And I told him I couldn't have my feelings messed with, still seeing him, but not officially back together. So I told him when he wanted to see me again to call me haven't heard from him since Thursday and its been 3 weeks since the first night he left.

Everything I read about getting your boyfriend back after you've cheated says to leave him alone and make him miss you. But I've done that and he came back but I guess he is still scared. I am going to leave him alone thought for a few more days and wait for him to contact me. I know he is going to come back to me he just needs time and he wants me to suffer and realize what I did to him, I've even talked to his friends about it.

But I want to be with him this winter, for Xmas, it will be our first holidays together. We've been together since February and id hate to lose him...I love him with all my heart and realize what a big mistake I made and have really learned from it. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, and vice versa. How long do you think I should wait?
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We didn't have sex only kissed. I'm very bisexual known for years now 21. while dating my boyfriend was confused if I was just bi or lesbian.never had feelings for her but he thought so.How do I find out my sexual orientation?Should I be w. a girl?
I betrayed my boyfriend..now how do I get him back?
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