Girl broke up with me. Having a hard time coping?

Last year I had met this girl through mutual friends and we started up a friendship, which eventually led onto something more and we started dating. I had never had feelings for a girl like this before in my life. She was everything I could ever have wanted. Smart, beautiful, funny and nice (so I thought anyway). Everything was going great until Saturday night when all of a sudden she blocked me on Facebook. I was completely in shock! I started crying, shaking and I completely broke down. The next day I sent her a text message and she did'nt reply to me. I'm having a hard time coping with this. I've been an emotional wreck for the last few days. I'm so depressed and sad and a few times I've considered doing something stupid (self harm, even suicide).

I don't know why she did it, I can't think of anything I could have done to piss her off or anything like that and it eats at me not knowing why. I still have really intense feelings for her and I don't know how I can move on. I'm completely and utterly heartbroken, I'm depressed, I cry all the time, can't sleep, I refuse to eat. I'm a mess and I know my friends and family are really worried about me. I was considering sending her a message on facebook, saying that I hope everything is alright in her life and if she ever wanted to chat I am always here for her.

I don't know what to do? Any advice


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  • I don't know how your relationship was but her blocking you might be a sign that she is trying to move on. I blocked my ex boyfriend when I broke up with him because I was pissed but mostly because I wanted to move on without having to see his stuff.
    However I do find it immature to block someone out of the blue because I know what it does to you - the way you describe, I've been there. Take a deep breath.
    Heartbreaks are never easy, not for anyone.. What you're going through is normal. You need to find something to occupy your mind with and you really need someone to talk to since you metioned that you're suicidal. It's not worth taking your own life over a girl! You need to get yourself out of this evil circle, maybe put more time into work or hanging out with the guys? Travel and cry as much as you want to. Talk to other girls and know that everything happens for a reason. You can't remove your feelings for her just like that but with time it will fade if this is truly over but you need to take care of yourself now and let this make you stronger than you've been before.

    I know the first days are awful but you will get through this. Think about yourself in two years.. Set up goals in your life and don't be afraid to dream big now. She will unblock you at one point even if it doesn't mean that you're not getting back together so don't worry. She's just trying to deal with this just like you are right now but in her own way.

    • The thing is I never saw any signs that she planned to block me or break up with me at all. In fact the last conversation we had was really pleasant. I'm head over heals with this girl, we've dated for about 6 months and have sacrificed a lot to be with her and I loved her and the way this has happened has broken me. I'm utterly crushed. I've tried to keep myself busy the last few days but she is on my mind constantly. I've talked to a family member and a couple of friends about my situation but all they say to me is "you'll be okay" which doesn't help. I don't know how I am going to cope. I don't know if I will ever get over this and move on.

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    • It's the worst feeling in the world. The night I found out my brother almost called an ambulance as I was in so much distress, he thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I'm barely coping with this at all. I don't really know any of her friends. I did consider sending her a message either on facebook or as a text message, saying something like "I'm sorry you felt the need to unfriend me, I hope everything is alright in your life and if you ever wanted to chat I am always here for you." but I don't know if that is what I should do. I think it might push her further away from me and come across as desperate.

    • Yes you may come off as desperate but she owes you an explanation. Try asking her simple why she did this out of the blue and that it really hurt you, maybe that you would like to talk.
      It's easier to move on when you at least know what happened. If she still ignores you then give it some time and deal with yourself!

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  • Well i been you shoes were i dated a girl four months and thought she was one i was going to marry and she broke off me and said okay but can give a reason and she said would explain but I never got answer and tried calling but Never got a answer. Well if she had just talk me and told what going on i think i could move on sooner and well i could of had chance to make thing right if i done wrong. So i had no way of knowing if I did something wrong. Try not blame self or try to work out because it just makes it worse. Well hope you get through this. Also dont afriad to on. I was and now after been single 2 years. I still try get fear


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  • Did she even tell you she was going to break up with up?

    • No, she just did it and gave no explanation why. It's cut me deep.

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