How do you get over someone?

About 6 months ago I dated a guy that I'd liked for over a year and I'm having trouble getting over him. We only went on a few dates but I just can't get over him.
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  • time heals
    only time

    • Is there anything I can do in the mean time?

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    • I don't think there is
      you can focus on his negative parts a bit maybe

    • Ok, thanks I'll try

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  • I disagree with the "time" comments (no offense guys) you need to take the ball into your own court. If you feel sad, go take a walk, if you feel lonely, find someone to talk to. Dont make excuses, dont settle for misery! Time doesn't help anything, you have to make a change in yourself or your life if you want different results. Move on with your life with your head heald high and be a boss! :)

    • I agree with you, saying time is the only thing that can heal takes control away from you completely.

    • Thanks 😊

    • You can do it!! :)

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  • have you tried moving on

    maybe find some hobbies or spend a lot of time with a close friend...
    anything that you have thats' from him, get rid of it... if you listen to songs that he really liked, stop listening to them for a little. just try to distance yourself from things that remind you of him...

    • Honestly I haven't been trying very hard to move on.

  • Find another guy to start dating, it typically works for me. It does take time though.

  • I know it's difficult but it will take a lot of time to forget him

    • Do you have any tips to speed things up though?

    • go out and meet new people start talking to guys and see if it's going to work out with one of them maybe that way you will forget him

    • Ok thanks :)

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