I accidentally gave my ex narcissist, narcissistic supply, now what do I do?

Ok, I've come to realize that my ex boyfriend is a narcissist. I won't bore you through all the details but he discarded me almost 4 months ago. He tried to hoover me about 5 wks into the break up by asking me to be friends. I told him no and kept silent. The entire time he would see me (and we have a child together) he would try to make me jealous but I did not respond. This has been the longest I have gone w/o contacting him or begging him to get back. This past wk, however I failed. He was trying to start conversation and be nice and told me happy mother's day and when he did I said thank you and gave him a HUG.

I know I failed and he probably thinks he has me right where he wants me. Basically for the past few months when we exchange our son he will either try to make me jealous or pretend I dont exist, but he has slowly been trying to start conversation. The feelings have not flooded back for him, but how do I recover from this.


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  • wot happened happened... just don't hug him again, if u don't believe that he deserves it... and live yer own lives from now on :-)

    • you're right. I've been trying to break free and guess I just caught up in the moment.

    • thanks!

    • not a problem, you were pretty straight forward!

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  • Hopefully he pays you full child support. If not go after him legally.


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  • Get it back


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