Guys, What to do after a strange breakup?

well ill start by saying that my boyfriend and i had been dating for 10 months. he leaves for college (im planning on going to the same one by convenience) however he's gonna be there a year before I am. we got in a fight and broke up in a mad fury. he told me a day later he wanted to still be friends and he wanted to try again in a year and we talked about our relatonship again. im very hurt but he really seems like he's more hurt than i am because even though he said all of that, he can't handle being even near me.
i want to get him back because i can't handle breaking up with someone i was so close with because of a fight and i still care about him. he is leaving anyway and we agreed no contact, but i just feel like this whole thing is just wrong, and i dont know why he would say all of that so soon if he was so hurt
i do want to be friends but i dont know how to approach him or what to expect... help? what do you think is going through his head?


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  • "he can't handle being even near me."<---- i guess he needs some space now... 8)

    • yeah but what i mean is why would he say something like he wants to be friends yet he acts more upset than i do. i dont mind being around him

  • Who did the broke up?

    • He did it

    • There no way he more upset than you. He probably just having second thought and might have regret his decision to broke up with you.

      You guy agree to no contact so let do just that, no contact. Since he broke up with you, if he want you back, he will have to make the move and ask for you back, otherwise, consider the relationship done and dead. Start working on moving forward and look for other dude to date.

    • oh sorry i meant agreed long distance* not no contact

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