We split up due to issues out of our control, the relationship never fully got off the ground, is it wrong to look at this a missed opportunity?

Pretty basic. I was with this girl around four months until a string of other issues in our separate lives caused a big stur between us, eventually we broke up in a fight, but afterward we both realised it was a huge mistake, this was genuine, and since both agreed if the time is rigbt we can actually start it off on the right foot.

Is it wrong to feel bad about this, think over the what it could of been's?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Like already said you can't change things and make the timing right :/
    It sounds like maybe you guys should give it another shot though!


What Guys Said 1

  • not atall... but u cannot rearrange things u know...

    anyway is there still any chance that u might end up 2gether again? :-)

    • Its a possibility, she's a stubborn type, we'll have to see

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