Guys, what the hell does he want?

Okay so me and my ex boyfriend has been dating for a long time, we have a very deep connection, at least I think so... Few weeks ago we broke up, I guess because I "don't" communicate, honestly I took my pride in it and told him I'm sorry and I was wrong, that it was my fault, we got back together, and everything was fine, we would laugh, chill, we were like bestfriends and lovers at the same time. I would always treat him whenever I get paid and stuff, I loved him, did anything for him, listen to him, loyal, faithful and everything. Then the other day, we were hanging out, we were having a chill conversation, and he just left saying he had to go, I thought it was important so I said okay I understand. Then later than after he said he needs some space, I said okay I understand, he didn't text me till at night, saying I just didn't want to talk, but goodnight. I told him ok goodnight sweetdreams, I love you. The next day he avoid me all day with a text we should just be friends, and I just don't want to force someone to be with me if he doesn't want to be so I said okay. I'm heartbroken, I tried to smile, laugh, and just act normal. I was fine till after school today, he suddenly decided to walk me home and all smiling and everything, and asked what were we, and he's like so just friends I said yeah sure, and he just gave me a awkward high five and I left. Then I texted him asking what is the reason he walked me and he just act like a total dick, he didn't answer me and just sent a thumbs up. So can you help me to deal with this cause it is literally hurting into little pieces slowly.


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  • Cut off all contact with him and don't let him play games with your mind. Its time you show this motherfucker tough love. Trust me its better to be alone then somebodies toy...


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