My ex seems upset that I deleted him from snapchat, but why?

I broke up with my boyfriend after he strung me along saying he wanted space but would come back saying he missed me and bringing up private jokes.
I soon got tired of him using me and then telling me 'he still didn't know whether he wanted a relationship...'

So I called it quits yesterday.
Tonight I get a text saying "my name" I said yes? He said are you alright? I said yeah he said then why did you delete me off snapchat?
I said I think it's for the best &he said why? I said because i dont want things to drag on.
He said can't we be civil

I said deleting you off snapchat doesn't mean we can't be and tbh I dont know if I'm ready for that.
He just said alright..

Now, I'm wonder why the hell he's asking this when he knows I love him to death &he hurt me so much stringing me along like that. All he said was "I understand" when I ended it. So where is this coming from?

I won't lie, I do want him back but I can't take his sense of entitlement. I waited almost only to hear "I don't know" from the person I love&now he wants to be 'civil'

Why? He came back to friendzone me or nah?


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  • Because it means you're moving on; even though you're not together, there is damage done to the male ego (and everyone's ego for that matter) when you really start to confirm that you've moved on and that they no longer are a part of your life.


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