Was I abusive to my girlfriend?

She acted like none if this bothered her. She would bitch one time in a fight then act like everything is fine thw next day. In return she wouldn't open up to me. she would come over we'd have sex. I accused her of playing headgames. Wheb she made me mad I I guess she said I would say mean things. She said she felt used and didn't feel loved at all. I've done hurtful things to her. But she acts like nothing. I miss her so much. She said some hurtful things at the end. It's been 3 months and I'm aching for her.


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  • What happned for her to be this way now? Maybe she's just amun to the pain it happens

    • I don't know her friends convinced her I was this evil person using her. I just have a really hard time showing compassion.

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  • No context in your question

    • She told me she had hooked up with 30 guys sounding like it was trying to impress me like a competition. I told her that's disgusting and called her a slut.

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  • Toxic. Move on.

    • Was toxic. I just feel like if she wouldn't of waited till we got out of this rut we could of fixed things. It really hurts when you love someone so much and they don't love you enough to fight for you anymore

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    • Noni understand. I just believe if we were in normal circumstances it wouldn't of happened.

    • There is no sense in dwelling on the what ifs in life. If it could have it would have and if was meant to be it would have been.

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