Is there anything I can do about my ex-husbands girlfriend getting involved?

Every time I have a discussion with my ex husband about our daughter. His girlfriend interrupts us and tries to get him to leave so we won't talk. She gets involved in everything and even tried to tell me I'm not doing what I'm suppose to do as a mom. He has had other girlfriends who I didn't have a problem with and they respected that we were parents and needed to discuss things. She is the first one that doesn't have kids so I think that plays a big part. Is there any advice to help me deal with her immaturity?


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  • Yes. You tell her to get the fuck out of your house.

    Why are you having discussions about your child with her present? She's your ex's "problem", not yours.

    Tell her to piss off and let the actual parents sort shit out. She's just a third wheel in this situation and it's not her place to butt in.

    I understand that perhaps your ex wants her to be there or whatever, but ultimately she's out of line and needs to mind her own business.

    • She does everything and goes everywhere with him and never lets him do anything alone.

    • If she turns up at your house, you kick her out. She has no legal right to be in your home against your will. If she chooses to butt in and be a pain, you're well within your rights to call the police to get her removed.

      If she's smart enough, she won't risk getting a criminal print on her life and leave.

      If she's stupid and the police get involved, it will only work in your favour in court. Hell, the sheer fact that your ex is continuously introducing various women into your child's life is pretty shitty.

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  • Yes, I ran into this too. I just keep the spouse and girlfriend completely separate. I don't let the two ever meet. It is hard to shut down the ever present GF's opinions on parenting, all aimed at slamming the ex-wife.

  • You need to have a honest, drama free conversation with your ex about it ASAP.
    ***without his girlfriend there***
    Focus on the well being of your kid.


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  • Sit down and have a serious talk face to face Alone (And stress it to him) about this serious problem that is only going to get worse and eventually Lead not only down a beaten path but end up... War of the Roses here, dear.
    He is not doing right by you, his daughter, by making this 'Girlfriend' a straw boss, allowing her to have the upper hand because he may want to either make her feel as though she is being helpful or just may want to keep himself 'Happy' if he Allows her to interject.
    She is a stranger and has no right to interfere and he needs to know this. Tell him to either comply with your wishes or you will be forced to take it up with someone with higher authority. She is not wearing a wedding ring yet so shouldn't be wearing the pants either in the family and even then, ground rules would have to be set down when or if that time would come.
    Good luck. xx

  • You put that female in her place & you tell your rx husband to grow some balls and do the same. He shouldn't allow any female to take him away from parenting his kids or discussing things with you. She seems insecure. You need to talk to him and set things right.

  • She obviously has some control issues, she's possessive and insecure , she probably feels the need to go everywhere with him so that people won't try to turn him against her - insecure as hell. You needa tell her to back the hell up. This is your daughter not hers. Make it clear to her that she's not welcome in your home too x all the best xxx


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