How do you make your boyfriend chase you again?

My boyfriend and i recently almost broke up but got back together the next day after talking things through. And one thing I realized is that i'be been too available for him and it has caused two things 1) he's gets sick of me at times, but never says anything 2) I get upset that he's not as affectionate or as into me. This would cause tension and we would keep fighting. We agreed that we both like each other a lot, but we hated the fighting. How do I turn the tables again so that he wants me more? We've been dating for a year and 4 months now. I know the honeymoon phase is way over and that it's normal to have these slumps, but we both agreed that we shouldn't make rash decisions and just break up. So how to i keep him interested?

***We are doing fine and things are back to normal, but if we want to last longer, I think it's important for me to keep him interested so we don't come back to the same issue.


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  • Flirt with other men, and pick up a new hobby. We like to be a little jealous, but not overtly jealous (don't go sleeping with the guy you're using to make you boyfriend jealous) just flirt with him in front of your boyfriend. It'll make you boyfriend want to take you home and rip off your clothes. Picking up a new hobby, will not only take up your time so that you're not so available but so that it'll also make you more interesting. People like interesting people, you must not be


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  • You can't really make anyone do anything...


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  • uh oh... if u keep on fightingu cannot do much... best thing is... give him some space 2 thinkbout it :-)


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