If you didn't think your boyfriend cared about you would you leave?

Really hard time showing emotion. Her friends and family say I'm using her and she's too stupid to see it. Plans to move out. She was leaving her free college ride and ever talking to her parents again. She still didn't believe I loved her. She said she felt used. Could you still leave him even though you love him more than ever? I opened up with my complete being a month afyer the breakup and she still didn't take me back but said im hoping we can try this in the future too much damage has been done right now it's too late. Am I being naive by thinking this is true or should I just accept that there's probably not going to be another chance.

The last time she saw me she ws saying she shouldn't because her mom accused her seeing me. She came over hysterically crying saying she wants me but doesn't want to lose her. mom saying I don't know what to do. She even called me back out of weakness a day after the breakup. That's when we got in some big fights.


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  • bf's = monogamy = prison camps

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  • Let her go. It's not going to end well if you keep taking her back. she doesn't seem ready to make up her own mind.


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  • The mom is being protective so you have to meet with her first if you want to have a relationship with her daughter

    • It'd a lost cause.. we tried no chance

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    • Dude we tried it they threatened to call the police on me.

    • The daughter doesn't like you? If the mother is really that protective then just forget about her because if she's like that then her daughter will never have a relationship