Me and my girlfriend just broke up... What can I do to get her back?

These days we fought a lot and she told me she wants to break up so we break up and i asked her why she told me She can't trust herself because her friend kissed her chick and she felt nothing that means she might do worse and she doesn't want to hurt me
and she also told me she had a hard things these days and she doesn't want to have serious relationship... She just want to do many thing and it might hurts me if we are in relationship so she wants to be friend with me now and she wants to stay friend with me and i'll but i want her back to me... i'm just so afraid she leaves me forever and just stayed friend... What can i do? How can i make her love me again and come to me

(I'm sorry for bad English My first language is not English so there must be so many mistakes...)


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  • Hey man I can totally understand what yur going through your blaming yourself and you think its your fault she broke up with you. First things first your wrong it is not your fault that she broke up with you. Second of all if she is stressed out right now and worreid about things going on in her life tell her straight up look i understand that there are things going on in your life and I know your going through a hard time but you dont have to do it alone. Let me be there for you and let yourself hold me acountable for supporting your endeavers! Third of all if a friend kissed her on the cheek that is not HER fault she cannot control what others do! It would be a different story if she kissed him back but that is not the case. You need to tell her that man tell her that it wasn't her fault and she has no reason not to trust herself and that you trust her. I hope this helps you brother. ANd from one Humble stranger to another I hope you have a goodnight:)

    P. S your English was not bad at all :)

    • Thank you but she told me she felt temptation to kiss him back... and we decided to break up today and if i tell her let's get back kind of things... she will get frustrate and it can be worse... what do you think about my opinion?

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