Guys, ex boyfriend jealous of guy friends?

well my ex is pretty mad at me. we broke up about a week ago and im friends with a lot of guys and some of his mutual friends. well the day after we broke up we talked about our relationship again and he asked if i hated him to which i said no and he wanted to be friends and maybe date again in the future but after he saw me having fun and hanging with my guy friends again, he got mad and texted me again saying he changed his mind about getting togethr in the future but he's still willing to be friends in about a month. i asked if he disliked me in any way and he didn't respond and just looked away. and i know he's been talking to people asking about me.
i want to get back together because our breakup was basically a fight that ended badly... but i want to figure this all out first. what is up with him? usually when i break up with someone in a fight i get no texts and no time of day


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  • No. Don't do it. He is insecure and controlling, which could eventually turn into abuse. Avoid those types of guys at all costs.

    Love and even marriage does not mean you own the other person. The other person is still free to be their own person. People who love each other share their lives, not become each other's lives.

    With his behavior he's basically saying he thinks you're unfaithful and that he has to control who you hang out with so you don't cheat on him. Do you really want to be with someone who has that low of an opinion of you? Wouldn't you rather be with a guy who trusts you and doesn't assume the worst about you?

    In my experience, women will tell you about guys they hang out anyway because they want you to know they're only interested in you. I've had women on a first date talk about their guy friends to let me know he's just a friend, even though I've never asked, and it's kinda funny lol. But anyway, you'll find a guy who trusts you and lets you be yourself, don''t settle for a control freak like your ex.

  • He is afraid if you go with some other guy...

    • but why? can i get him back?

    • Talk to him that you want him back. (It may not work)...😐😐😐☹ Hmmm... Wait... Lemme think... Search on Google how to get your ex boyfriend back.

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