Boyfriend acting like a jerk?

Please don't give me any answers like he sucks or whatever. I have been dating this guy for awhile and he is a little bit off. He drinks a lot and last night I finally told him that he hasn't been treating me right. In the middle of the night he called 10 times between 3 and 5 am and I didn't pick up (I know he was drinking). He then texted me at 5 saying "this needs to end. Now. " I haven't said anything back and am not planning to right now.

Is there anything that I could do or say to turn this around?


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  • If you know he's not treating you right, then it's a good time to give him space and move on. He has a drinking problem and is calling you late at night in a sort of obsessive manner. That's a lot of drama for you to deal with. Just tell him you agree that it's time to end this and that's it.

    He will not change until he realizes he needs to change and it will take losing you (and others) for him to wake up. Don't be his fallback girl. You do deserve a better boyfriend than this.


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  • You need to tell him straight up how you're feeling.

    • How would I even initiate that?

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