Am I looking too much into this from the ex?

So, I broke up with her last year. However, because we share a mutual friend and we are somewhat in the same circle., I want to keep things civil between us.

She has pulled some silly stunts like showing up where I am and flirting with guys in my presence. I have brushed these episodes off and maintained the high road. My ex is gorgeous and not used to getting dumped.

Other times, we have had friendly conversations.

A few months ago, I ran into her at an event, said a brief hello and hung out with my friends the rest of the night. At one point, I caught her staring at me from across the bar. I am not sure how long she was doing that. It could have been a second or not. I quickly glanced away.

When I saw her again months later, we ignored each other at first. I though this was silly and immature. So, I approached her, remembered it was her birthday coming up, offered to buy her birthday drink, and told her that she looked great. She responded by saying "you do too". I didn't think much of it at the time. I let her be for the rest of the night, but once again, caught her looking at me by the corner of my eye.

At least one of my friends thinks she still likes based on her behavior. One friend thinks she showed her hand by saying that I looked good, too instead of saying thanks or nothing.

What do people think? Perhaps I am looking too much into all this? Thanks.


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  • No women from planet earth would want a scabby ex back from yonks ago!

    • you mean people never get back together? thanks for the comment, but I am not certain that this is correct.

    • Why get back to a relationship that didn't work the first time!

    • Is it not possible that circumstances change? But, your're probably right.

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  • I wouldn't read into pleasantries... That said, you could tell her to text you sometime or call to say "hi" and see what sort of reaction she has and if she follows through. People get back together all of the time... But the re-connect is sloppy, haha.
    Regardless, to know for certain, you'll have to be more direct so you can gauge the situation.

    • Yes, thanks.. everything you said makes perfect sense. I'll continue to be friendly and test the waters.

      This a marathon not a sprint.

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  • You need to move on. Seriously.


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