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My fiancé left me for another guy about a month and half ago we're still talking. On the phone and text even asked me to dl Skype. she says she loves me misses me can confide in me seems so happy to see me always wants to hug me held hands for a minute and kissed me on the cheek. Things have been on and off since she left since i couldnt decide i was mad hurt or depressed but I feel like there's something there. The other day I gave her that last of her pictures from our family album and engagement ring and she cried. She won't come back but I'm not sure it's over. Insight comments help possibilities would be amazing I want her back so bad, we've been together 4 years and I don't know what's going through her mind for sure but I'm getting mixed signals. There's so much more that's happened feel free to ask I'm more than willing to talk and figure this out. For our and our 2 year Olds sake.
I know this is a fucked up situation, I may not have her, but she still has feelings for me and that's enough to fight for it. Please help me get them back and get past this.


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  • Have you asked her outright if the two of you can start over and try again?

    • She said ya she wants to get back together someday have more kids n get married but just not now. I think she's just going out n having her fun until I'm "ready"

    • Sounds like you guys got together when both of you were fairly young. She might have been truly in love with you, but not quite ready to grow up and 'settle down' yet, but didn't realize that until recently. I don't like what she did to you, and I am not making excuses for her, but hopefully she realizes her mistakes before you move on... she is lucky you are even considering taking her back.

    • Ya I was 19 n she was 21 we've been through hell and back like you wouldn't believe n everyone knew how much she loved me, it came as a shock to everyone when she left. It was so sudden. I'm still trying to make sense of things.

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  • That's so messed up. Yeah there are still feelings there in both directions. I hope the two of you get back together if only for your kid's sake. Kids don't deserve to be dragged through all the drama their parents create in situations like this.

    • That's what's messing us up the most. We have fun with our kid but when she's dropped off or picked up she gets so upset we go our own ways. It kills both of us. I took her out for Mother's day with my daughter and I haven't seen them so happy in forever. I want to fix this.

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  • Dude. This woman LEFT you for another man. You deserve better than her.

    • last couple months were rough and what she did was wrong but I don't know I still love her and want to make this work, I know it sounds stupid and I have my days where I just say fuck her and talk to other girls but I love her so much, and that's not my emotions I'm genuinely fine without her. Things have been great. My bond with my daughter is so strong now since I only see her on weekends works great see friends and family all the time just got back from vacation with my daughter but I just can't help thinking this is my family and I have to save us, I have to fix this.

  • Why would you even want her back?

    • Iv made mistakes too, I went through depression and pushed her away we didn't talk sleep hangout or anything together. I ignored her and she found someone that gives her that. It's fucked up but why would you stick around with a guy like that? I went through therapy church seen counselors and I'm back to my old self and it sucks cuz I see what I did to make her do what she did. Still fucked up but I saw myself having more kids and growing old and dying with her. I still want that. I feel like there's hope but we don't know what to do with each other. We want to talk and hang out and we still have fun together. I just wanna know how to get her back

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  • "My fiancé left me for another guy"

    I only had to read the first few words of your post.

    run, run far away and never look back. fuck that bitch. she's done it once, she'll do it again. you're better of without her.


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