How do you know if your crushes misses you without giving hints, when we don't see each other or contact each other anymore?

I keep getting this feeling, when I miss him unexpectantly when i'm trying to forget about him; I feel like deep inside he misses me but doesn't admit it or talk to me?


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  • Why don't you just message or talk to him?

    • Cause, I'm scared

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    • There's a difference between a crush and an ex

    • If i were to know the truth of what actually happened, I would want to hear it from him face to face. No more moments where he says he's there but when he really isn't if we were to meet up. I feel like we were meant to be. My friends said crappy stuff about him but i can't rely on their words. We were there together for 11 months. I mean there was a lot of arguments but we stood together. he didn't give up neither did i. I think one of the main reason he left is him saying " I hurted you too much" So, what should i do? Is it worth to talking to him?

  • There really is not way to know.

    • Is it a good idea to message him?

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