My boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me again. I said no to being friends but he keeps texting. why is he playing with my emotions?

He won me over while my long distance relationship was crashing and burning.
Things changed after. He didn't live up to who he said he was.
He demanded i do more to show him i appreciate him "treat him like a king"
He apologized then asked a girl out to the movies and kissed her.
I forgave him (thinking it was just a kiss and it's just one offense)
He became aggressive, short tempered, and emotionally abusive
Got pregnant with twins, he was excited then he became less and less involved.
I had a miscarriage and he criticized the way i chose to grieve.
During my miscarriage, i found out we had chlamydia which could not have come from me, but he denies it was him.
He got kicked out of his home and took out his anger on me. Nearly broke up with me.
Apologized and we started the healing process.
Didn't want to spend new years with me. Broke up with me after new years suddenly and had 1000 different reasons for it.
I went through HELL and i groveled. When he showed coldness. I stopped. He didn't like that so he would message me.
Just as i was starting to accept it, he asked for me back.
I defended him even though my family was PISSED.
Found out he kissed another girl on new years eve. I was embarrassed.
Had a few good months then he broke up with me again this week. Said i was a liar (because our call got disconnected and he believes i hung up on him) and that i have no faith. I am unsupportive of his dreams, and my attempt to encourage him to go back to school to finish his bachelors backfired and he wants someone who can encourage him. (Keep in mind, he was not happy for me when i got into grad school).
He said we can be friends. I said no this time and goodbye. he keeps texting even though i did not reply.
It's inconsistent. He would be happier if we stayed friends; he accepts who he is, he is a liar and he's okay with that; pack his things for him, he'll contact me to pick it up; he's sry and should not have taken me from my ex.


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  • y dont u just block him, if u find him annoying? :-)


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  • Don't respond to his text messages! Just let him know in no uncertain terms that what the two of you had is over, and you don't wish to have contact with him any longer, because it's best if both of you just move on.


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  • This is my lifestory with my ex. But whatever you do do not reply. Show him that you don't need him and can do fine without him. I suck at giving advice, sorry.
    And I need to take my own damn advice smh.

    Good luck.

  • The friends thing is a POWER play. He wants to be king pin or he would just ditch you altogether.
    If you accept it , you are pathetic and weak to him.
    Show him your worth and stay broken up!

  • You need to cut him off!


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