Should I cut all contact or stay friends with ex?

My ex of 9 years just started dating a girl after we split about 3 months ago. I am not concerned about their relationship. He continues to say he wants to stay friends but I have told him we do not need to. I do not understand why he would need my friendship. Should I stay friends with him or cut contact?


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  • He doesn't want you for a friendship. He wants to keep you waiting in the wings for a booty call in case his current squeeze doesn't work out. You are wise to cut all ties. If it could have worked the first time, you both would have done whatever was necessary and it would have worked. It didn't, so it's time to move on.

    • Thank you... That is what I was thinking. I will not be a plan B I deserve to be a plan A

    • Being Plan B commits you to a life of misery. Everybody deserves to be somebody's Plan A!

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  • You're not bothered by their relationship... But you wanna cut contact? Why? It seems like you are though, you guys spent 9 years together i can understand why he wants to stay friends... You've got nothing to lose x

    • Nope not bothered by it. I don't really see the point in being friends. I have started my new life why would he need to be a part of it.
      Why would he want to be friends?

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    • You're missing what I'm saying 🙈

    • And I think you are missing what I am saying. I think he wants me as a back up plan if this rebound relationship doesn't work out

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  • If you don't want to be friends with him then don't be friends with him. There's nothing worse than feeling like you have to talk to someone when you don't want to. And it sucks being in a friendship that you don't want and are unhappy with.

    If I understand the question correctly, y'all have been exes for 9 years? If there's no benefit (i. e. happiness) to y'all being friends why still be friends? And if his new relationship doesn't concern you, why bring it up?

  • Cut contact!! You are his back up plan IF YOU let him.

    • That is what I thought... I am no plan B I am the one and only plan A

    • You deserve more and if he hasn't done something by now.. I don't see it coming anytime soon. Hell no, he just got a new girl.

      You are smart, you are on time.


  • Cut all contact!

    • Do you understand why he would want to be friends?

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