Does this really mean they love you anymore?

If someone is afraid of commitment, is not ready for the next step in your relationship, is not financially stable or is feeling the pressure of the relationship but then they break up with you anyways because of those things.
Don't love you*


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  • Afraid of commitment= immature
    Men will not let money stop them from having their relationship.
    Pressure of a relationship comes with having a relationship- see point one/immature

    I love the answers that girls give... y'all are so sweet but men are not that complicated.
    I love you means I love you... Tired is tired etc...
    wording when talking about anything serious matters!
    "Pressure" "commitment" "financial insecurity" these are all powerful and loaded words... Pressure means he wants space... Maybe see someone else...
    Fear of commitment means he's not sure that you're the one... Plain and simple.
    financial insecurity- he wants out... finances will not stop a man in love.

    • We'll if you're not financially security how can you buy someone an engagement ring though?

      All he said was that he wasn't ready, So interpret that.

      When I asked him though how he feels if we got back together he said I don't want to get back together"now". What's with the "now"? Like does that mean he wants to get back together in the future?

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    • I am now but do you think that will make him miss me and come back? It has 2 times already.

    • Huh?

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  • It does not necessarily mean he doesn't love you. Fear is a powerful thing. I do think that it means he has temporarily convinced himself that he doesn't love you so that he is able to justify what he's doing.

    • But do you think actions mean more than words? because he's actions say he still loves me.

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    • Have you tried asking him? At least you got that much honesty from him. A lot of times they won't even admit they're not ready, they make it out like it's something you did. Next thing you know, they've got you believing you're crazy.

    • I asked him and he still isn't ready and doesn't know what he wants. But see he's actions saids he loves me I think. When we hang out we cuddle, kiss, hold hands, and talk in depth about work and family like before. He never made anything uncomfortable in between us even conversation or my feelings. He hatold me he wants a kid one day, not sure if that means anything. One night we were watching tv we saw a vacation commercial and I saidthat it would be nice to go there and he totally agreed with me. I don't know if that means anything eighter. What do you think about all these stuff?

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  • If someone breaks up with you because he is afraid of commitment, is not ready for the next step in your relationship, is not financially stable, and is feeling the pressure of the relationship it means he broke up with you because

    1. he is afraid of commitment,
    2. he is not ready for the next step in your relationship,
    3. he is not financially stable, and
    4. he is feeling the pressure of the relationship.

    I wish all questions were this easy!

    • What you just repeated my question. I asked if those things mean that they don't love you anymore?

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  • They could still love you.

    • Even though these things are a factor? Then why break up at all?

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