Do you just hide the emotions or do you really not care? Is that what he is doing? (Please help)?

My ex and I have been broken up for a little less than two months, but we were trying to see if we wanted to make it work. We didn't break up do to lies and cheating. He decided it was too much work and he wasn't feeling the same anymore cause we went through a huge rough patch and he isn't and has never been good with conflict. He's a sweep it under the rug type of guy. So when things get hard and don't go how he wants them to... Well you get the point...

so so like maybe a week or two ago he decided to make it really official to me and tell me that he doesn't want to try anymore he's past that point and doesn't feel the same anymore about me. Like he loves me but not in love is what I gathered.

Its been four four days since I last spoke or saw him and we didn't say much, well I didn't say anything to him. He didn't even let me have a chance just gave me our dog said drop her off to me after I get out of work and then walked away. When I dropped her off he took her and said thanks and bye and left...

Like me I feel I am the only one who hurts and struggles with the break up. I feel he isn't even hurting or sad. He goes out with his friends to races and out to eat and buys stuff now. Like when we dated he never really went out hardly to like places as in restaurants. Or to the movies or things. Now he's out like running around. Feels like he is celebrating like yay I am single! I lived with him and he said he wanted to marry me to his mom and his family. I wore he promise ring he gave me... And now here I am sad and hurting. Feeling alone and still in love...

is he even hurting? Is this his way of dealing with it? Or does he just not really care? How is it I have a hard time not talking to him and he seems fine and dandy? Like no care.
He also said too like when he said I don't feel the same anymore I was like so this it we are done forever and he said I don't know... I can't say. I don't know the future. I don't know how I will feel later :/


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  • Like you said he can't deal with stress. He's lost in space.


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  • He's moving on with his life and living it. You're moping. Which choice is better? His


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  • Guys hurt too, sometimes more. We just don't show it.

    • He never shows any emotions like didn't even cry when his cousin died... He said emotions like that are just weakness. Like I don't know how you can't be sad at all. He just knows anger. He s pretty intense childhood I know that plays into it. But like I am over here hurting.

      Is it because maybe he doesn't "feel the same" he doesn't hurt? He told me he was just trying to move on...

      Do you guys just pretend you don't feel? Why don't you show it?

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    • Sounds confusing. I just have no idea how to be in a successful relationship with some one that says so little.

    • He talks just not about feelings a lot and when you have issue he tends to sweep it under a rug and act like it didn't happen or that it's magically fixed 😔

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