Any of you did a no contact after a breakup and it worked to get them back?

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  • it'llwork ONLY if the other person's interested as well 8)


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  • Trying it now, but I have no idea. My case was a guy friend who didn't want a relationship after we slept together. I tried staying "friends" for a few weeks afterwards. He would message me every so often to "see how I was doing". However, I soon realised that staying in touch with him was just making me feel like shit, so I blocked him on social media a few days ago.
    I don't know whether this will change his mind, but I figure that the worst case scenario is that I'll retain my dignity and move on more quickly through no contact, which is far better than looking pathetic by still being his "friend".


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  • I'm doing no contact partially in hopes of getting him back but I'm pretty sure it won't work because he's stubborn af. I think no contact is good because it helps you to get over them though.

  • It won't work. Haha. Do you really think there'd be any strategy to hold your relationships? I don't think so

  • Yeah and it worked but I wasn't trying to get him back, but it still worked for me to move on.


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