Girls, Met ex for lunch... Now what?

Hi! So I met my ex girlfriend 4 days ago. We broke up 3 years ago. She seemed friendly and happy when we met at a work meeting. She even showed me something infront of everyone. I asked if was part of her presentation and she said "no, I knew you were going to be here so I brought it to show you". So I decided she is trying to be open so I asked her to lunch. She yes almost immediately. At lunch, She arrived and was kinda distant/nervous (can't blame her) and we started off talking about work and she was distant. I turned it around and asked about her. She then seemed to open up. I soon had her laughing and smiling. Her body language was very good. We lost track of time and when she realized it was late, she went cold again. We left and never hugged or anything but I left it in her court to contact me again. I thanked her for taking the time to see me and if she wanted to do it again, I'll leave it up to her. She said she would call me. 2 days later I sent her an email with my contact info and wishing her a nice weekend. So now... How long to wait for her? Any tips would be great
Ok... Confused - we work together and have little contact. It's been a month since lunch - she hasn't contacted me personally... But... In work emails, she has been happy and super friendly - lots of '!!!' And happy face emotioncons ':)' ... Getting confused. What does this mean? If anything?


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  • I think it was a good move to send her you contact info but don't expect to receive something. Not because it won't happen only because you don't have to wait for her, meaning continue with your regular life.


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  • You broke up for a reason right? Why go back down that road?

  • wait for her to contact you


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