Should I break up with my bf?

I went on a trip with my boyfriend and we fought about something (not small but not super serious). I wanted to talk it out with him but he didn't want to talk to me anymore. I wanted to talk to him as the weekend was not over yet and I didn't want to have a bad week from the fight. But he refused to so I tried to hold on to him to talk. He was getting my stuff from his trunk and trying to hand them to me but I didn't take them bc I wanted to talk to him. He then proceeded to hand them to me and when I wouldn't take them, he pushed them into me and tossed them on the floor. I know he didn't physically hurt me but I was shocked that he would push my things into me... And then toss them on the floor? Then he drove off. I felt so disrespected and hurt. Now he keeps calling me but I don't know if I should stay in this relationship. Am I overreacting? Is this something I should break up with my boyfriend of 10months for?
ps: he is a good boyfriend usually but sometimes he does things to hurt my feelings. Such as look at other girls pics on fb, keep pics of his ex, occasionally neglect me in group settings, calling me by his ex's name, etc... Other than that he's great


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  • first may I just ask how long as thing been going on? cause I its seems like he's not physically hurting you but I think he's mentally and emotionally hurting you. from what you are saying that he calls you by his ex's names, puts you down & looks at other girls on fb, I don't think this relationship is healthy for you to stay in it. I know he didn't mean to do what he did, but what if things get worse. im not saying you should break up with him, I just think you should choose the best choice for not only yourself, but for his sake as well. even if it doesn't end well. yes follow your heart, but also follow whats right. a guy, especially if he is your boyfriend should never let you feel neglected nor saying these types of things to you, its just very disrespectful to you & to your relationship.


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  • At first I thought maybe it was just a fight and you were being pushy and should just give him some space. Some people get angry and need time to cool off before talking after an argument. That isn't a big deal. But after reading your P. S. it's obvious that he is not usually a good boyfriend after all. Calling you by his ex's name is a clear indication that he is thinking about her. He might not be over her and you may be taking her place because they aren't together. He keeps photos of her- well, if he keeps them out in plain sight- that's messed up. If they are put up in a box or something that's understandable. Fb- yeah... and neglecting you in public, do you mean like leaving you standing alone while he makes his rounds around a party or something? That's just rude and disrespectful. So, I don't think he's a good boyfriend at all. Consider those things instead.

  • Agree with K8ster. your PS section clarified that this dude is a jerk and shouldn't be in a relationship at all. Let him go. plus he runs from conflict so he sounds immature.

  • follow your heart.


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