Ladies, why does the ex do this?

So I broke with a woman last year after dating for a few months. She is not a bad person, but somewhat of a princess. We share a mutual friend and therefore have tried to keep things civil between. I also felt that I broke up in the most humane way possible, in person and over dinner. She cried and I felt a little guilty, but I wanted to remain strong about my decision. She did also admit that she probably deserved to get dumped for "all the guys she screwed over." In other words, karma. Not that this is a valid reason for me to break up. In any event, she is a very attractive women who used to getting lots of attention from men and told me she was always the one who breaks up with her boyfriends. I therefore figured she'd get over it easily. But, she's been showing up to places where I am. Sometimes, she's done with guys. Other times she flirts with guys in my presence. I never let these things get to me. I take the high road and remain friendly with her. In all fairness, she has been cordial with me at times after the breakup. On two separate occasions I caught her staring at me out of the corner of my eye while out with my friends. I'm not sure what to make of all this. It could all be nothing or in my head. But, is it possible that a beautiful women who is not used to getting dumped is confused as to what happened? Maybe trying to get back together? Revenge? Thanks


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  • I do think she does still have a little bit of feelings for you, as you said she is not use to men breaking up with her, which to here is very rare & I don't think she liked it one bit. So, I feel like she might be trying to get you back or at least somewhat of your attention because the feelings that she is feeling, are not feelings she quite use too. I don't quite think it is revenge though or else she would be doing other things that aren't so nice. if she is though, getting on your nerves, maybe you might want to talk to her on what is going on?

    • Thanks... yes, if it was revenge she could be truly evil about her actions. My previous ex, for example, seemed to be so upset when she heard that I started dating again (after she broke up with me and monthst had passed) that she returned a gift to that I had given to her. And, she did this in public! That is evil revenge.

      Flirting with guys in front of me is kind of childish and pathetic, but I wouldn't qualify it as evil.

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    • Yes, the ex who returned the gift did end up hurting and disappointing me. She broke up with me and told me we could still be friends, so I don't know why she would be upset about me dating again.

      However, the most recent one and the really attractive one, is the one who got dumped. Therefore, I kind of give her a pass for silly antics. But, like I said, flirting with guys doesn't seem as vengeful as returning a gift in public.

    • that is pretty off for her to be acting like that, but I guess you can't really control someone else feelings.

      I say you did the right thing, because sometimes looks aren't all what they seem.

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  • Depending on her age, I think that she may be a little confused as to you breaking up with her and pissy about it. If she's not used to it then it's def going to intrigue her and make her want you back, naturally. That's how people operate. You say that she can have any man she wants? Well, apparently not. You chose not to be with her. She's flirting with other men in your presence to prove how desirable she is. In her eyes that will make you see what you gave up on or whatever.
    If she wanted to be with you, then she would be flirting with you.

  • trying to get back.

    • ha ha... thanks. yes, but if so, to really get me back or lure back so she can turn around and hurt me?

      please keep in mind that she practically have any guy she wants.

    • are you thinking about getting back with her? why not approach her in a friendly manner and just see what happens.

    • Thanks... that's what I did last time. I approached and kept things friendly. She was friendly, too.

      I think we were to get back together, it would not happen overnight.

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