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A woman I broke up with a year ago used to lash out on me. Now she comes to me and tells me she was battling depression and it was the depression speaking. She seems to have changed and apologized. Should I give her a chance to be friends? Is depression really as bad as she says it is? She says it took away her identity and left her seeing the worst in herself and others. Is this true?
Any more ideas?


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  • Do you still have feelings for her?


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  • It's not really depression that was her problem it's her lack of self esteem! Been there done that!

    • She said her depression caused her low self esteem. Should I not forgive her

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    • It's not depression that is the problem. It's the lack of self esteem that is feeding it, that is the prob.
      Their is no cure for self hate I'm afraid. It's years of preconditioning and it will affect her entire life

    • Her depression was caused by inflammation in her head. It sounds more like depression caused the low self esteem.

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