Should I speak to my ex? Is she trying to confuse me, is she confused?

My exgirlfriend and I broke up a year ago after 3. She got with some other guy whom I hated a month after we split and was moving to another state with him. She cut me off " becasue she wanted to respect him." She blocked me on facebook and IG and deleted all our old pics. I spent my time working out getting a new job and dating other girls trying to get over her, but part of me was still angry. After not talking for about 10 months I wanted to get closure and my things. I wanted to speak to her because I truly didn't know how I fucked up. We talked for too long and even kissed and never got to exchange things. Later I she unblocked me and re added me on IG but I never friended her on facebook. I have been talking to her off and on (sort of arguing.) Recently though she added me on facebook. I was creepin her spotify and saw all the sad music she'd been listening too and her private relationship status. I figured she and her boyfriend were going through somthing, but I didn't speak to her. Suddenly she unfriended me again (no block.) I texted her about a week later asking her if she wanted to meet up ( I knew she was moving soon) and we never got to exchange things.( We'd agreed to meet up again in earlier messages) This time though, she denied it and told me not to text her anymore. I honestly wanted to get some lunch and tell her goodbye ( I guess because she knew I still had feelings for her?) I also think she was showing out for her friends (her friend read our messages.)

RECENTLY THOUGH I saw her on Tinder, so now I know for sure she is either single or cheating.
I just don't get why she would add me when I made it clear that I didn't want to be "just friends with her" and now she's saying "Don't talk to me" She is contradicting herself. I really do miss her, but she is fucking my head up.
I would be willing to forgive her for all the shit she put me through, but at this point, I don't know whether to follow what she said or what my instinct is telli
  • Should I speak to my ex one last time?
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If you say I should ignore her or give up on her please give a reason why.


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  • No good digging up an old corpse. The love you had has well and truly withered


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  • History has a way of repeating itself. Even if you would get back together she won't change.


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  • just ignore her.


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