Why is my ex acting like this?

I had to break it off with him 5 days ago because he told me he wanted space. Would come back tell me he missed me and go on as normal. But if i asked about us he'd say he wasn't ready for a relationship, the demand of it. I waited for nearly a month for him to be sure about me. So I ended things and he didn't even TRY to change my mind.
So I deleted and blocked him off everything except iPhone and I get a message that night asking why i deleted him and i said i dont want things to drag on and he just said can't we be civil? I said that we could be but i dunno if ready to be to which he said alright. I haven't spoken to him since then...
Today I get a message from him saying "Are you alright? I'm worried about you. At least text me so I know you're alright"

Now, I'm not a danger to myself. I'm fine. We have mutual friends that I've seen around, as we go to the same uni.. I haven't even cried about this situation. I admit I want him back, but I'm getting confused. One minute he wants space, the next minute he's worried...

Can someone maybe tell me why he's doing this? Also, I was thinking of doing no contact? Should I reply? He's quite egotistical and the way things ended. I dont want to give him the satisfaction.
Now he's calling me...
I really do think he wants me to be torn lol I don't get why...
Maybe he's upset...
I did tell him that I wasn't ready to be civil
Maybe I'm a mystery lol


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  • If he is as egotistical as you say, it sounds like he needs to feel you are struggling with the situation. That way he can tell his friends "My ex is so broken up over me (because I am such a stud)."

    I like your impulse to have no contact. Why waste any more effort or time. Attitude is the critical issue. If you had given him a reason to be worried and he expressed genuine concern, that would be entirely different.

    ~James Smith


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  • Question - You made the decision to end the indecision and move on with your life, which is great! However, why did you then delete/block him from everything? What was your motivation to do that?

    • I had gotten myself into a habit of trying to get him to notice me. I'd been doing this the whole relationship&he still always took me for granted. I just don't want to live based on him anymore.
      He was mostly upset about snapchat which I use a lot so he can see EVERYTHING I do.
      Its summer so let him wonder.
      Honestly, I just wanted to make a clean break. I gave him too much power of my life.
      He knows where to find me...

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    • Also, i think the "I'm worried about you text" came from him knowing you probably would jump to respond to this, as he's actually showing a bit of notice and caring (even if it's fake) which as you said in your reply, you've been trying to get from him the whole relationship. Honestly, he sounds like he's immature and just not capable of having a committed, healthy relationship with you. Go no contact, but not as a game in effort to make him want you more, or get back at him, etc. Go no contact for you, so you can move forward with your life. That's my advice, anyway. Good luck to you!

    • Hey, thank you.
      I mean a clean break as in. You either get all of me or none. Especially considering the way things ended. I don't want to be his ego boost. So he better take it all or leave me alone.

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  • just do no contact.


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