Will She Come Back?

Last year me a I knew for sometime. we started to talk. At first I didn't believe her. Eventually I started to go with it. Eventually we stated talking more but nothing ever really happened. Then another girl started to talk me. I had to make a choice. I made the wrong choice & I knew it as soon as I made it. Ever since I tried to get her back. Failed. now she is in college. And I'm still trying to get her back. I send her messages on Facebook, nothing she doesn't reply. I send her friend requests. she doesn't even decline them. I really honestly regret my mistake. I tried to move on. Now I just want her to come back. I have made a lot of mistake in my life, but this is the biggest. I played with her heart. Our mutual friends say what happened was really bad. I know a few of my friends have hit & cheated on their girls. I wish I had a time machine.

  • Yes. She will.
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  • Yes She will eventually. just keep tell her how you feel.
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  • No, You should move on.
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  • Keep talking to her
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I meant to say not that bad.
I have learned from my mistake.
Looking bad the other woman was a dumb crush.


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  • she will come back. tell her how you feel.


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  • If your friends say it was pretty bad and she does not even bother to decline it is probably pretty much over and time to move on. There might be a chance later on where she might come around and start talking to you again, but I doubt it

    • my bad should have proofread. I meant to say "not that bad"

    • Oh okay that is a little different then. Well you can wait for her to come around (if she ever does) and keep trying or you can move on

  • Move on man.

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