What's the "proper" way to handle a break up?

Well I'm 17, so I've only had 2 real boyfriends. Problem is, I have a temper, and I get very hot-headed sometimes.
With my first boyfriend, I technically broke up with him, but it wasn't my choice. Basically he was being indecisive about his feelings towards me, so I ended it right there. Looking back now, I should've just ended it and let by-gons be by-gons, but no, that's not how it works when my stubbornness takes over. Basically, when he didn't fight for me back, I got mad and it lead into a huge fight to the point where we never spoke again. He didn't want to fight, it was all just me making a fool of myself, adding more fuel to the fire. I still see him every day, but I don't talk to him due to the last time we spoke.
So after him, I moved onto an even crazier guy. (I'm a smart one, I know) This guy has a temper as well, which stragely is why I was attracted to him too... Only because we had things in common. (I was being stupid at the time) So me and him were on and off, and the last time we broke up, it ended with a huge fight (even bigger to the one with the guy before).
So as you can tell, I don't handle break ups very well, and now that time has passed I still can't speak to either one of those guys because of the way I ended things. So tell me what I could do in the future? lol I know I shouldn't fight and get mad during breakups, so what should I do? Just sit and cry? Pretend it doesn't bother me?


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  • don;t cry... proper way is ignoring this guy... and block him from anywhere :-)


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  • You sound like a birch to me.

    • I'll admit it, I do have my moments. But who doesn't? Believe me, if I could control my temper, I would.

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