Ex girlfriend seems to still have feelings for me but is hurt just now. How do I proceed?

Hi all,

Me and my Ex girlfriend have split up for 2 months now, on Saturday evening she spoke to a friend of mine in which she told him that everyone has been telling her that I am the best thing to happen to her etc, she even admitted herself that I was as every other boyfriend had been horrible too her. She split up with me as i damaged the trust she had in me, no cheating or anything like that but a lack of communication.

Well on Saturday she continued to tell my friend that she does see that I am the best thing for ( even her parents have told her that she shouldn't ruin what we had so quickly.

Well the problem is she still says she is really hurt, I am really unsure how to proceed? Do i continue to give her space which i have been doing for the past 2 months or do i make a point of trying to speak to her.

End of the day I really want to make it work with this girl, I love her very much I kind of just need advice on how to proceed and even if I have a chance to rekindle this.

Thank you all very much for any answers i get,



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  • You broke up over lack of communication. Now is the time to communicate to her. Don't just pour all of your feelings on her but let her know that you're still there. Tell her that you still love her and you're willing to give her the time that she needs for as long that she needs it. DON'T STALK but make yourself known. Try to be her friend if anything and let the relationship build.

    • This is sound advice. If communication was the problem, how is silence going to help? Tell her how you feel about her and make it clear that you are willing to change to please her. Then give her some time to process and respond.

      ~James Smith

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  • better w8 a little bit bro

    u should make any move, after she starts feelin happy again :-)


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  • Let her make the first move

  • Talk to her! She's not stupid, she said all that to your friend because she knew your friend would tell you. She wants you to break the ice and say something, and she's probably starting to realize that she needs you

  • You should try t speak with her. If she doesn't react well then just give her some space.


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