Do I have this to look forward to?

My ex broke up with me, but we had contact every day at work. He recently stopped working there, just stopped showing up. He unblocked me the same weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I love him, but I know he's no good for me. He is a damaged individual. He has all the signs of textbook commitment phobia. Not the "I wanna be a playboy forever" kind, but the actual fear that only professional help can deal with. There was no reason for the breakup, other than we were getting ready to move in together, and he ran. He got erratic, and melted down, and broke up with me. I see people on here talking about their exes contacting them after long periods of time, and him unblocking me has me worried. It's been a week since he quit his job. While a part of me wants to hear from him in the worst way, the logical part of me knows he will only hurt me again. He doesn't care enough for himself to get help. Do you guys think he'll try to contact me? I know he loves me, at least as much as he is capable of.
I would really like to know what people think.


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  • since he unblocked u, he's not mad at u anymore... also, he needs some help at his situation... so... :-)

    • So, you're saying I should be there to help him with his problems? I would, but I don't think he'll do anything about them.

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