I'm having the hardest time getting over my ex and it's ruining my life?

We've known each for 7 years and been together off and on for years. Technically we've together for 1 year and broke up February this year. We started talking again but I see nothing has changed. I feel conflicted because I'm constantly reminded that he's cheated on me but there's times where I miss him. I feel like I've lost my best friend sometimes but then other times I hate him. I'm very hurt and I cry over him daily. I work and go to the gym so it's not like I don't have outlets. My mind is consumed by thoughts of him 24-7.


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  • I'd say stop talking to him all together and find new friends and interests to help distract you. It's not healthy to be hung up on one person this way. You need to let him, the relationship, and anything that happened during go.

    • what you saying is totally wrong and it doesn't go the way of question heads to , did you even understand her question? she loving him and she having some doubts around him in her case all what she needs is to cooperate together he and she and to clear the things out between both of them to keep this love lasting longer and forever and the most strongest reason is she feeling she lost a big loss 7 years together and he was her boyfriend and her best friend at the same time which is such a sweet thing any one wish to have and now she is tired by letting him walk away that means even if she walk off out of his life virtually she won't feel comfortable with any other one because he will be forever in her mind even if her body with someone else in such as her case the best advice is to start talk with him again because everyone of us did a mistake in his/her past and what he did in the past so try to forget if you love him that much and he never done again.

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  • what if that hurting you what u waiting for? are u able to forgive him and back? just do it without hurting ur self and let me say as a man too you said u are hurt and did u think about how he look like now? maybe he changed for u isnt? just dont make it hard on ur self and on him the only way is u must to talk to him just dont cut it off like that.

  • oh well... consider dat if u think about him all day long... u'll go crazy... so it'd b better for u to stop :-)

  • well don't listen to those nasty people who posting a negative comments you shouldn't even ask unknown people simply because they never been into your relationship so they don't know how much you are so painful becuase of this.
    considering that case you won't ever move forward if you didn't clear out the things with him my opinion is to go back , give new chance , then watch him and see if he really will cheat you or not and this will be the strongest proof for you if he cheated so that means he cheated once before and if he didn't sp that means he never did in the past but don't stay crying alone because maybe he crying over you too so why you guys break up when you love each other? try to control your angr what drove you to decide this sad breaking up. so absolutely go talk with him again try to give it another try and comfort your each other hearts from the lonliness pains and separation girl you don't want to live like that im sure , just give another new try , you won't lose anything.


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  • You are in a funk. Maybe the 2 of you can work on the communication. Seems to me you need to do this

  • i feel sorry for u
    maybe you have to talk with him.

  • no need to recall the past as he never back to be a playful guy again and u continued moving on with him after this cheating time passed so no need to call back the memories again , why u dont take it as u changed him to a better guy today and maybe if u left and u were te best reason of his change so just try to survive ur heart u both and forgive if u can i did with my boyfriend forgave him and he never turn back bad guy anymore 2 years ago now i can tell im so happy to change him to what he is on today.

  • OHH !! i had the same situation 2 weeks ago but i got him back after 2 months OMG just felt my soul back to me but NO WAY !! 3 months so long time.. if that guy still single and waiting you i'd say he really loves you more than himself. check out if he still single that means he still loving u , 3 months u already punished him enough hehe but its so sweet when u both start talking after 3 months it reminds u by the first time you met him same feelings same longing but for me i felt my frozen blood started to run again in my veins , felt like im back home to the one whom my everything.

  • baby i might be older than you in the end of the 30s and i want you to know if you weren't sure he cheated on you so please don't same as what i did in my past i lost my boy because i was so jealous about him and i accused him by cheating on me , soon later after 8 months i was in bakery then i found a girl walking to me with big smile seemed like she know me , then after greetings 1 minute or more she said your boyfriend used to talk whole day about you and sometimes he asks me about what's the best surprises to do whats the best presents to give to her , then i asked her are you the girl who been wearing pink hat in the photo next to him she said yes and he is my best best friend and my boyfriend loves him too , i left the bakery and i am crying so hard i just wanted to run to him to kiss him and apologize but i knew later he traveled to another country, so please baby good guys when they hurt or when they really cry over you they will never show i am sure he loves you same as you loves him as well , go back to your boyfriend and be patient girl talk to him try to make a beautiful conversations with him be sure he will open his heart for you and tell you everything just to let you know when you open your heart to him try to accept anything he say and try to be ready to forgive from your heart , please don't be same like me i am single 3 years because of him i wish i know where did he go because i can't feel any other man i tried once but i felt so cold with the new guy i left him i can't lie to my self yes i love my ex and so much more than i thought in the past , dont be sad baby i can feel you and i have a strong sense that he is a good guy too from the way you talk nicely please don't break him up and don't break your heart and his heart keep love always filling your life and don't forget to be open minded to him the way to make a boy never look out is to tie him in your hand be always soft and sexy for him and i bet he will never think of cheating you never. i love you both.


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