Will he ever come back?

Okay so this will be long. My ex and I broke up around Christmas while we still lived together and he started dating someone else about a couple weeks after. They had been off and on since then on account that my ex still had feelings for me but was scared because I had cheated on him a long time ago. (He knew I cheated on him before we got an apartment together) I turned my life around and was faithful ever since he found out. Well anyway, They broke up yesterday and he came to me first Asking to get back together but I had said no because I was scared of being hurt. He said that he had been thinking about it and wanted to get back together and I told him we'd talk about it. We were hanging out for a couple of hours and at the end we were discussing how he doesn't have emotions anymore and how he regrets not taking the time for himself after we broke up to find himself again. We eventually came to a decision that he needed to find himself again and during that time we couldn't speak to each other or have any contact at all. I asked him how long it might take and he said it could be months but it could be years. He said during this time I won't be the only person he "cuts off", he just wants to be with family for awhile. I just want to know opinions on if you think after he finds himself if he will come back and try again with me. I felt it was genuine when he said that he just wanted to have emotions again, I guess I'm just afraid he will forget about me. Any thoughts or personal stories?


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  • guess so... sounds like ge doesn't get along well with his current girlfriend :)

    • Yeah I don't believe that would have worked anyway. I think he was just trying to get over me and he couldn't. Do you believe he will come back after he takes time to himself?

    • i think he'll come :)

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  • Honestly, it's a 50/50 shot on whether he comes back after he "finds" himself. It will just depend on too many things and no one can see or predict the future. The best thing that you can do is to live your own life at this point. If you two will truly being going no contact, then you need to just consider you and him done permanently and live your life that way. If he jumped into dating someone else a few weeks after you broke up, it seems like he might be the kind of guy who needs someone around, as a girlfriend. So, keeping in contact with him in any way will just make him not take the time he needs and get back with you because he seems like he might be the kind of guy who needs a girl. And then he's just with you to be with someone, you know? Also, if he is the kind of guy that needs to have someone around, you need to be prepared for the fact that though he may have the best of intentions now to stay single and find himself, don't be surprised if he does find someone else. That's why you cannot sit around and wait in regards to your life. There is no guarantee he will come back, so you just have to do you and if he does come back, and you still want him/are not dating anyone, etc, then you'll have to make the decision whether to give it a shot or not. It's sad that he waited all this time to bring all this up to you, just cutting open wounds that were probably healing by now since Christmas? Good luck to you, take care!


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  • I think that you are both very wise. It took me a long time to get over my ex because I wanted to make sure I would be emotional available. Sometimes people are so scared of being alone that they don't take time to heal and that only ends up hurting themselves and their partners.

  • you should move on...


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