Guys, when you get deleted off her Facebook page?

Feeling like a guy is just playing me, I without warning or argument just deleted him off Facebook. I just plan on focusing on forgetting him. Do you guys get the slightest bit rejected when this happens or do you just not care?


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  • It makes me feel almost a dislike for a person.
    Ummm it's like if I was having a issue with someone but it's still unresolved and that person deleted me ummm it's like putting a full stop at the end.
    So yeah it just makes it feel like it's ended and I'm no longer associated with that person

    • This guy kept on begging for me to see him again after taking me for granted last year. Saying he had fallen in love and loves my mind and finds me attractive. Says he fumbled and kept asking if I'm seeing someone. I met up with him rejected his sexual advances but he said it's cool he just really likes me. Said he would make time that week to see me since he took the whole week off but never did only text me end of the week 3am in the morning saying he's thinking of me. When I ignored he just text me that evening asking me how I'm doing and I said good. Couple of texts back and forth and then I saw pics that he had time to go out with his brother and some other chicks but didn't make time entire week. To me his words were disingenuous so I don't know why he would feel issues are unresolved. He practically got emotional on how he messed up last year only to do it again.

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    • Yes I'm just angry... Although a response from him wouldn't mean I respond back. I honestly deleted him cause I don't want to see him on my newsfeed cause he will just invoke more anger in me and then I'll just be hurting myself.

    • @asker I totally get it. I'm sorry he's like that and I hope you feel better soon sweetie. :)

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  • We should all delete our Facebook period. I did over a year ago and my stress (there wasn't even any drama for me) level cut in half.

    • Agreed. I'm just very angry and upset and I don't want to give him attention by telling him off so I just hope this creates a bit of rejection. I really only stay on fb cause of event invites and it's easier to keep up with so many people than have to call a hundred people or email them all the time.

    • Then cool. Sounds like you did the right thing. Remember once you delete someone on Facebook you should never let them back in.

  • i'd just deal with it, and forget her 8)


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