My best friend is engaged but she doesn't seem to happy about it?

So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My best friend is engaged but she doesn't seem to happy about it. She's not ecstatic or anything. Her hubby to be his very quiet and hasn't opened up to me or anyone of her friends, which is making people worry. Three years and no one knows the guy?
An old flame of hers has shown worry for the situation and I'm starting to think he still likes her and I'm starting to think he's a better fit.
Im worried because my friend isn't happy and im wondering if I should bring it up and talk to her about it? Or how, really (she can be a very defensive person)


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  • oh well...3 years, and still with him? isn't it weird?

    • Their in a long distance relationship. Only meet in person three times

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  • for the most part you shouldn't say anything. The only thing I would do is ask her when you're alone with her, "He makes you happy right?" If her answer is yes then leave it be. Don't put your opinion on her or the opinions of others. Just be there to support her.

    • If you try to involve yourself too much she will resent you and your friendship could be jeopardized over it. I'm in a similar situation with two of my close female friends. They only get angry if you put your opinion out there and then they don't open up to you about any issues. Just be there to support.

    • I'm stuck on this right. This isn't the first time it's happened, is why. It's more serious cause she's wrestling with what she wants and she's had a out of other issues to worry about.

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