I want to stay friends with my ex, when should I try contacting him again?

Was semi-casually seeing this guy for 6 months and he broke up with me to get back with his ex. I was so hurt that i blew up on him. The only reason why i blew up on him was that he told me he really liked me and cared for me, and then broke the news to me 3 weeks later that he got back with his ex (knew something was up but didn't want to face it and bring it up). I was most likely a rebound. So I exploded on him and he has since ignored me. I stopped trying to contact him 3 days ago. And in those 3 days i realized he wasn't the right guy for me. We had completely different personalities, realized he never really told me much about himself, and we had different goals for the future. I just liked the idea of having a boyfriend more than him. He was a good guy from my memories up until those last 3 weeks. I think we could have been good friends if we didn't start dating. So now i've written him a long letter saying how i still want to be friends because he actually helped me get though the time when my grandfather was hospitalized, still grateful he stuck with me.
Going to do it through text since he refuses any other form of contact. I just want to know how much longer i should wait until i send this long letter to him. It's already been 3 days. Should wait a few more days?


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  • better wait 1 or even 2 weeks... not now coz u may sound desperate towards him :)

    • So its been almost 3 weeks. I now have mixed feelings about sending that letter. Sometimes i really want to do it because i'm being optimistic and hope he still wants to be friends and then other times i think it would be pointless (weak of me to give him yet another chance) because i remember how much of a jerk he was to me the last 3 weeks and i felt he never actually respected me in our relationship. Should i even still bother now that i'm unsure about wanting a friendship? Or try?

    • Dont bother then...

What Girls Said 1

  • Wait a bit more.


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