Um, shouldn't YOU SPILT THINGS up if YOU BREAK UP?

If someone breaks up with you and says they want to move on and don't feel the same, and you have been broken up for a few months, shouldn't you spilt up all the things you have together? Like the bills you have with each other and all the stuff you bought when you had lived together a while back?

Is is that what someone who wants to move on would do? But my ex won't. He broke up with me and like doesn't feel the need to do this. Like I can't spilt car insurance cause he is the head on the bill. And other bills as in phone bill which we don't have a contract on and other things. I have asked more than several time since the break up. It's like it falls on deaf ears or he just says there isn't a need to... And I am like you said you wanna be over.

like I would think if you don't want to ever get back with someone you would do this... Right? Why have things that keep that person attached to you?


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  • That' is reasone why should not wait but get married

    • Huh?

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    • For me I will do the same but I will not let her go. I wouldn't giveup like that to moveout and like I don't want you anymore. For me, I would do that If I couldn't solve situation, like she is not the way I like her to be

    • I don't really get what you are saying. We aren't married. Just dated. If you breaks up with someone it means you want it to be over and don't want to be with anymore. Give up. He broke up with and decided he didn't want to be with me anymore. It was over. He wanted to move on and go date other people... But he will not give back things that are mine or separate things we bought togetherness. That is what you do when you break up or a divorce. We are not separating... So the thing I don't get is why he won't let me have my stuff. He chose this. So it only seems like the thing to do... Which is why I ask why won't he let us spilt things up and fully be it of each other's lives?

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  • Yes, you should.

    • I think so to, but my ex refuses to do this. Some of the bills are in his name and I have asked for him to do this since he broke up with me and said he just wanted to try to move on. And he just ignores me on it or just will be like there is no point to...

      I am like yes you want to be done and he is like yea. And I am like so people who are done for good do this and he is like I don't know if we are done forever I mean I can't predict the future. I don't know if later I will feel differently. I am not God so I can't tell you.

      It's fustrating. I still love him. But like it's just annoying to like say you want to move on and not cut all ties. Like what's the reason for not?

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  • yes.. fair n square 8)

    • Why is my ex not letting me thou? He like refuses to do it yet he broke up with and said he wanted to move on. Like if you want to move on then spilt it up, right.

    • is it possible to sue him then?

    • Lol no 😒

      It's almost like he doesn't want to cut ties cause he wants to go off and be single and have fun. He think relationships don't have fights and arguments.. He's young as in almost 22, but I was like that's not realistic. People fight. I feel like in sense he wants to be able to have a foot in my life so he can come back when he wants to...

      Is that what it seems like... Realized he want ready for a serious thing and ended saying he didn't feel the same anymore... But keeps ties. People are complicated 😒😒😒

  • That's right. 50/50 of the money.

    • Well I just mean like we have bills and we spilt pay the bills always. But I meant as in like I get taken off his insurance for my car and have my own. We put our phones that are on one bill on two seperste bills in our own names. We take the stuff we have in a storage unit together and divide it up and someone gets a different unit or takes it with them... My ex refuses to do this and he broke up with me saying he wanted to try to move and doesn't feel the same anymore... It's been a few months... Like the ties should be cut if you don't want to be with me.

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