We broke up and are trying to work it out, but does she have a commitment issue? What would stop you from getting back with an ex on a personal level?

She broke up with me 11/2 year ago. When we broke up she said she wasn't in love with me anymore but that she does love me. I took my time found myself and realized that something was missing. I hated to admit it but I still had feelings for her. We did the whole let's stay friends thing and it worked for a while but I quickly realized that I couldn't take being just friends. So I told her about 6 months ago that I didn't want to be just friends she said she wasn't ready for a relationship but didn't want me to leave we agreed to casually date and see how it goes. Well now we're really close. Closer than when we were together, in my opinion, both in the physical aspect of our relationship and in our personal lives. She asked why I'm still with her n I told it was because I still loved her. I can tell she still cares about me but she said that she can't be in a relationship because A) she likes the freedom of being able to pursue other guys (in the sense that she doesn't want to feel guilty as if she talked to someone else) and B) doesn't want to feel guilty about not spending time with me (we are both very busy). My question isn't should I stay or go, I've made up my mind and I want to see this through to the end. I'm just scared that she'll hurt me again. I know she loves me. She has said it since we've been broken up too. But I feel like she is repressing her feelings for me because she's afraid of commitment. The real reason we broke up was because I brought up kids and she over analyzed the statement (plus her friends were telling her things that made her questions our relationship) and became distant which caused me to be a dick. We had a bunch of bad dates in a row and it left me with a sour attitude which rubbed her the wrong way and led to the break up. So after all this, she knows I want her back and I know she doesn't want me to leave but she won't admit how she feels. Does she have a commitment issue? If not what would prevent her from getting back 2gethr


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  • How old are each of you?

    • 21 and 20. We are young to be talking about the future but at the same time we both know its a long way off. Like a decade off...

    • Well, it sounds like she's young and not ready to feel tied down to a serious relationship.

  • she has commitment issues.


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