Stubborn ex. Help?

My best friend (let's call him "A") and I were together for seven months. We're juniors in high school (last day of school, so we're basically seniors). We've been best friends since eighth grade and I've liked him ever since then. We sometimes had falling outs, but we always became friends again. Last year, I got out of an emotionally abusive relationship. I wasn't allowed to talk to "A", but when I broke up with the crazy dude I was with, "A" and I re-established our friendship and he started liking me. Last August, he admitted he liked me and I admitted I liked him as well, and you guys can guess what went on from there. "A" and I were always honest with each other. He and I had a very laid-back relationship. Eventually (in February-March), he started hanging out with one of him female friends more than me and I was so hurt. I always tried to hang out with him, but he hung out with her more than me. Naturally, I was jealous. We talked things out and we met at a happy medium- that he would spend more time with me. A week later (late March), I figured out "A" was friends with one of my bullies and I only asked if he was friends with her or if he was dealing with her because he had a class with her. Yes, I know it should've been none of my business, but I was worried that some drama would repeat from my past relationship. He got mad and he broke up with me in late March. A few days after he broke up with me, we agreed to talk face-to-face to work things out. I talked, he wouldn't listen to me. I got mad and I told him I regretted meeting him. He was really hurt. I've been trying to work things out with him, but he keeps ignoring me. I've apologized so many times and I've been working so hard to let go all of the jealousy. I apologized to the girl he hung out and my bully. When "A" does talk to me, he's really rude to me and it pulverizes my heart. I love him so much and I'm not giving up on him... He's so special to me... What do I do?
Update: The bully and I were friends before as well. She was going through a hard time- which is no excuse- and she was taking her anger out on a lot of people. She and I talked everything out and we agreed to becoming friends again.


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  • Seriously? You apologized to your bully? You have low self esteem and are doing whatever is necessary to try and get him back. He has shown his true colors. If you get back with him I guarantee he will hurt you. Just move on.


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  • just put the past behind you and move on.


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  • if i was u, i'd unfiriend A... he has no right to b rude on me ;)


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