How can I get an ex back I finished her, turned down chances to sort things with my stubbornness and stupidity now want back but she's not interested?

Hi me and my ex were together for about 3 years we lived together and had dogs things wernt so great as i wasn't happy and i wansnt that nice to her towards the end as I didn't think I was happy and had a lot of problems in my life anyway we had another big row and i brisk up with her leaving the house after a few weeks. We had some time apart both of us seemed reluctant to get back together not really trying to sket things but still keeping in contact a bit both saying to the other we love each other and miss each other. 2 months had passed we had met a few times and she did want me back, I turned it down both times as one time was to get back together but not to live together again which i didn't agree with so weeks more go on not much contact, in this time somtimes I wasn't too nice to her and she said she didn't no if she wanted to be with me but see her future with me and loved me. Anyway I realised I loved this girl more than anything in the world and tried getting her back and she siad was too late! She always said fight for her so I did but she wouldn't have none of it then I said im moving on ( I was lying to get a reaction) and she said it's breaking her heart and she loves me then Blocked my number and facebook she has already done. I sent her nice messges and sorry for nd things i had done she want perfect but I was far from anyway I sent her flowers to her work she emailed me as I was blocked thanks you lots of kisses not much of a relpy she said she would meet me, then days later nothing I leave it longer nothing so I pop round her house to get somthing I had still there and to see her and she wouldn't even open the door I don't want to talk to you! We was meant to be meeting. Iv changed my mind. Did she have soemone in the house? Has she moved on I don't no? So being an idiot i accuse her and send horrible messges as I can't control my anger and emotions, I send a sorry email but now she won't even talk to me or relpy what can I do i want her bk so Ba
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  • Any tips to get her back, im teying no contact now
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  • I think you missed your chance. She sounds pretty past determined to not to be involved with you anymore. Take lessons from the experience and start moving on.


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  • sth from yer question is missin bro

    after "bk so ba"...

    • Sorry no more I could write I want her back so bad and would so anyhing for her made big mistakes! You only realiaw what youve got when it's gone. Is there a way to her back?

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  • I think you should give her some space.

    • Yea I am going to do that how long do you think for a month? We was together 3 years she loved me to bits but iv pushes her away so much and at times not been nice about it :/

  • It is what it is


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