Getting depressed at work when I see other couples and their children?

I've been anti depressants for 2 months and every since I keep having crying spells and suicidal thoughts for no reason at all. I'm partly sad about not being in a relationship anymore although I know my relationship was bad. I get hurt really badly at work when I see other mothers and father together with their kids and I have to realize that my son and I will never have that. I know its a stupid reason to be crying, but I just wonder what is it about me that makes me do this. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired but I stay as strong as possible for my 4 yr old although he sometimes sees me crying. Is this normal? Is it a possibility the anti-depressants are making it worse.

Today we had a children's program and when I see other parents with their husbands or significant others I almost burst into tears. Is this abonormal?


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  • I wouldn't say its abnormal, especially for someone battling depression. Depression can be a nasty thing at the worst of times, I suffer from mild anxiety and depression and I've had similar thoughts when seeing happy people and couples, as I'm not very happy either and have little prospect of being in a relationship, so it depresses me as well when I see that. Now I don't cry, but that may have more to do with me being a guy, but the best thing to do is just focus on other things, your son, a hobby, anything that interests you, and try to be more optimistic, but I don't think its abnormal.


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  • There is possibility that antidepressants are making you worst
    cause you may need a mood stabilizer rather than being on a
    antidepressant.. I went on my first antidepressant called Tofranil
    all it did was make me more depress the more i took it and i never
    knew what was wrong with me.. Even taking Zoloft, Effexor made me worst
    so after the doctors put me on mood stabilizer's i got better and feel
    some what better plus i take Klonopin and i just started taking Keppra
    so far i don't feel too bad but there is guys out there would not mind at
    all to have a girlfriend whose got a child to another man so you can't
    equal them things out of your life and I'm sorry you feel so bad i hope
    things with you get better -Hugs-

    • I tried zoloft and it made me more anxious; elavil seemed to work until I noticed I would have crying spells and want to kill myself.

    • Yes Elavil made me more depressed and Zoloft made me more depress
      i wouldn't be surprise if Zoloft is making you anxious your experiencing
      manic side of Bipolar disorder.. If i take Prozac all i do is laugh i am manic
      all the time

    • Now i could be wrong and willing to accept if i am

  • u need to just be happy for today and focus on what u have


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  • try to be happy for them instead.


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