What's the best way to get over someone?

It's been 3 months i loved her completly and unconditionally. I still miss her every day we were together 19 months. I just dont know what to do i want her out of my head. I've been doing everything i can including things i never thought would do (drugs, parties, hanging with gang members and coke dealers, sex with random women) stuff thats just not me or what im about just to get away from the pain. Im starting to hate myself for not being able to get over this i still love her with all my heart but dont want to... I know I've done wrong but she won't even answer calls or texts to get to the root of what went wrong because i dont want to make the same mistakes with the next girl. The reason she gave is she just "fell out of love".


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  • To try the no contact rule.

    • I have, havnt tried contacting in over a month she texted me about some stupid shit and i ignored her because of how she worded everything.

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  • If you're over 21, scotch is the way to go. Time is the only thing that makes it better, but with scotch you lose track of time for a little while.

    • I prefer apple moonshine.

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  • I think that was infatuation not love..

    • The reason? If so i agree, she's not very smart when it comes to that kind of stuff I've learned.

    • Lol she needs to be educated on relationship stuff lol

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  • better save yer dignity dude... don't act like dat coz of a girl!!!

    • I know, but I'm having fun and it gets her out of my head for a bit.

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