Does this mean that he still loves you?

If you're ex of a couple years still has pictures of you and places you went together on there main page on Facebook or if when you had a bad day at work they ask you about it and try to make you feel better?


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  • It's hard to say... for example, my ex-fiance broke it up with me almost a year from now, I cut all contact with him and many people who know him told me that he's still thinking about me and that he wants me back (he told them, so they would tell me because I never want to talk to him again). We never took pictures together, not that I know of, but he always said that I was 'special' because I was the first woman who laid her eyes on him. It's probably the case for your ex-boyfriend too: he feels that you're special. I don't see why he'd keep pictures of you if he didn't feel anything left for you. Conclusion: he probably still does like/love you. And if you figure it out and want to go back with him, make it challenging for him. I know by experience that, sadly, guys often get bored of easy 'things'. Don't give it in too easily.

    • Maybe I am giving in too easily but that was the only way I could see him. However, I am currently ignoring him waiting to see if he will come to me. How else do I actually get him to do that and to comit to me?

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    • You should be consistent: like don't be all over him one day, and super cold the day after. It will look super weird. Be moderate in your behavior, don't give him all your attention. Be like this every single time you see him, not once in a while.

    • What if I'm already inconsistant

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  • that means " silent love " dear.. absolutely he missing you but he won't tell you and absolutely he loves you but maybe he feel hurt from you.. and those photos means to anyone else look like he says " this is the girl i loved " which is mean he dont want anyone else except you. why i said this to you? because i do the same i can say here why but front of her i cannot say just 1 word. this is the true love.

    • How can you tell he loves me and it's true love? What do you mean by "silent love"? Even though he also tells me that he doesn't want to get back together now?

    • How can you tell?

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  • I think it does.


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